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Public Speaking and Workshops

We can speak at your event whether it is a meeting of the local chapter of ASQ, a cozy meeting of the senior leadership to explore improvement strategies, or at much larger events such as your annual Kaizen Conference, your annual strategic planning conference or your Annual Stockholders Meeting.  We have spoken at such large events as the Industry Week Best Plants Conference; we have been the keynote speaker at: several Kaizen Awards Banquets; the Association for Rotational Molders Annual Conference; the Honda Lean Suppliers Network Quarterly Conference; the Association for Manufacturing Excellence Champion’s Club; the Isixsigma Energy Conference and other large events.   In addition, to speaking at these conferences and meetings, we have held numerous interactive technical and human resource workshops. 


We can speak on a variety to topics, both in the technical and the human resource field.  If you want workshops, especially interactive-learning workshops, we thoroughly enjoy designing and facilitating these.  Both in the speaking and the workshop we keep them interactive, even in groups as large as 500;  above all we work hard to avoid Death by Powerpoint. 


Contact Quality Consultants for price and availability.  Make your arrangements well in advance to assure your spot in line.

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