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Six Sigma Initiative


Six Sigma is a project-based, problem solving initiative which uses basic as well as powerful statistical methods to solve business problems and drive money to the bottom of the line of the business.

When an initiative, such as the implementation of Six Sigma, is undertaken, a cultural analysis is not normally needed.  If needed, we can do that for you and issue that need to be addressed should be undertaken concurrently with the implementation of the Six Sigma Initiative. Our uniqueness comes in the ability to quickly implement the Initiative and begin to see significant financial gains as soon as 4 months.


​The approach taken when implementing a Six Sigma Initiative will vary but almost always there is training done for Champions, Green Belts and Black Belts. It is very common for the Initiative to start with either Executive Overview or Champion training and in this training the Six Sigma Initiative can be designed. Often the Champions then become a Management Oversight Committee. In the Champion’s training, it is common to select the project criteria, plus select the Green Belts and Black Belts for the initial waves of training. Also in the Champion’s training, the initial projects are selected and assigned to the Black Belts, who then work on these projects during their training.


Black Belt training is done one week per month, over a 4 month period. In this way the Initiative reaps early benefits as it is our experience that 40% of the projects assigned to the Black Belts are completed by the time of their graduation. It is requirement that the Black Belts not only complete the training but also they must complete their project to become a Certified Black Belt.


Once implemented and brought to maturity, this program can yield $10 of bottom line contribution for each dollar expended in support of the Initiative.  Typical training includes:


                                                                                Six Sigma Discovery, typically 2-5 days

                                                                                Executive Overview, typically 1-3 days

                                                                                Champion, 3 days

                                                                                Green Belt, 5 days

                                                                                Black belt, 20 days

                                                                                Master Black Belt- varies

There is as comprehensive description of Six Sigma history in “Lean Refining” as well as a critical and comparative analysis of how Six Sigma, and its hybrids (Lean-sigma) differ from and are inferior to Lean as a culture changing mechanism

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