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Leader Standard Work (LSW) Examples

In this section, you will find a great deal of information on Leader Standard Work (LSW) to supplement the materials in my book.  You will find that information starting on page 189 of “How To Implement Lean Manufacturing, 2nd Edition” (Wilson 2015).


The importance of LSW

Of all the strategies, tactics and skills in the lean tool box, I consider LSW to be the third most influential. First by some margin is Lean Leadership, second is HK Planning and third is LSW.  In fact in my teachings I tell my students that when LSW is combined with HK Planning it is focused and aligned execution -- on steroids.

Some helpful hints and some props

The first document listed below is a Word file giving you the background to LSW and it explains in outline format,

  • How to prepare LSW

  • How to use LSW

          a. For Policy deployment

          b. For Subordinate development

This document also contains two embedded examples of LSW.  One is a very good example of a Plant Manager’s LSW and the other is a hand-written draft of a supervisor’s LSW I prepared years ago but still use in my training. The other documents listed below, Examples 1, 2, 3 and 4 are some examples in XL format.  Please note that these examples contain both good and bad qualities. Make sure to read the comments I have entered (usually in the upper RH corner).


All of these instructions and props will help you get started …. it will not make you a good practitioner of LSW.  To first become competent; and later to become good at LSW you will need to faithfully use, faithfully reflect upon and finally you will need to improve your LSW.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call. 


Be well,



LSW - Background and instructions

LSW Example 1

LSW Example 2 

LSW Example 3 

LSW Example 4  

To download and open a document, please click on the icon next to the title.

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