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Call us at (915) 203-4141

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Do you have a simple question that has your project stymied and you need just a little help? Well then call us. We can probably answer your questions “on the spot”, then you can proceed with confidence on your project.

You may also set up an appointment using the form below. Send us the question; that will give us an opportunity to prepare. Then call us at the appointed time. All we need is your question, the appointment time and a PO number so we can bill you.


Quality Consultants

800 River Elms
El Paso, TX 79922

(915) 584-9228

We can answer questions like:

  • When do we recalculate limits on a process?

  • How can we evaluate the measurement system when the test is destructive?

  • How can I improve my Cpk by improving my measurement system?

  • Why do our meetings always run over and we seem to get so little done?

  • Why do things we fix seem to stay fixed for only a few months?

  • How come we always have the need to expedite to stay on schedule?

  • Can Six Sigma work if we do not have full-time Black Belts?

  • How does our lead time affect our potential future business?

  • In a non-expanding business, should we work on our bottlenecks or not?

Thanks! Message sent.

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