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After working in industry for nearly 50 years we have developed many working relationships with not only clients but other providers as well.  And to that end we have created PARTNERS and we divide them into two categories.  There are TECHNICAL PARTNERS and FULL PARTNERS.  Technical Partners are people and firms we have worked with enough to be able to recommend them for their particular area of expertise; we are certain they have a sound technical grasp.  ON the other hand, Full Partners are not only people who have a sound technical grasp on their subject matter but we have worked with them, first hand, at the gemba, and can attest to the fact that they not only have a full grasp of their subject matter, but can also teach/train/coach/mentor their clients for excellent material delivery and execution.  Do not misread this, Technical Partners almost assuredly have this skill as well.  However our requirements to become a Full Partner are quite severe.  For them to become Full Partners with Quality Consultants, we must have worked with them, hand in hand, in the field and they  must have performed well.


To become a PARTNER, beyond working together, we need 4 things

  • Your company name, and contact information and Logo

  • Your company contact

  • Three to four summary bullets, describing your competencies

  • Quality Consultants listed on your website as a Partner.

  • Fill out the Partners Application, click on the icon below to download a copy, fill it in, then attach to an e-mail.
















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