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Just what does it take to get engagement?

For an employee to be fully engaged they must satisfy 5 criteria.  They must know what to do, they must know how to do it and they must also have the resources.  In addition, they need to want to complete the task at and they must want to do it better. 


Of the five criteria, you will note that the last two are employee controlled.  Contrary to popular belief, these two criteria are nearly always present….well they are present when the employee comes to work at day one.  The first three criteria are management controlled and in 95% of the cases where employees are not fully engaged it is due to some deficiency in one or more of the first three criteria.  Or said another way…..employee engagement is a management controlled activity. 


So to answer the above question….the answer is simply….good management.


Unfortunately that is much easier to say, than to do.

What can we do for you?

Since attaining employee engagement is the normally the limiting factor in any culture changing transformation, we have become experts in this file. 

Using the dynamic “systems” approach to achieving a fully engaged workforce:

We can show you the “Basics and Beyond” that unleash engagement

We can show you the five High Leverage Points that will sustain engagement and

We can show you how to improve your levels of engagement


The “system” of Employee Engagement is:

We are so involved in the subject of employee engagement, we have written a book on this subject, to be released in the winter of 2017.

Give us a call, we can help you achieve a fully engaged workforce…….

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