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Expanded Polypropylene Process Improvements

Quality Consultants has a specific interest in working with EPP supplier and consumers.  We have worked with companies in Canada, Mexico and the United States and there is a very large opportunity for those willing to adopt lean principles in the batch production of these EPP/EPS products.


While working with these firms to improve their operations we have noticed a very curious anomaly that can be very profitable to EPP parts producers.  First, without exception, all of my clients have benefited from very strong profit margins.  At the same time, their production efficiencies, as measure by OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency) are very low by industry standards.  Furthermore, by employing many lean strategies, tactics and skills we have been able to improve the OEE rather dramatically; thus creating as much as an addition 15% net profit to the bottom line. 


This is very doable for your EPP/EPS production as well; all that is needed is the application of some proven lean principles to this batch production system.  We can show you how to apply heijunka, EPEI (every part every interval), inventory management through the 3 part inventory system and structured problem solving ……and you too can get this 15%....and more.  It is all achievable. You can read more here.........

And for our friends in México, we have a 3-day workshop scheduled later this year. Click here for details.

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