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At Quality Consultants we are experts in cultures. Whether you wish to define, analyze or change your culture, we can help. 


We provide teaching/training/coaching and mentoring as well as problem solving to augment your bottom line.  Whether your problems are at the system, process, product or personnel levels we can solve them.  But our expertise goes beyond that – we can teach you how to sustain those gains so that a true culture of continuous improvement and respect for people is realized. 


Let the experts at Quality Consultants help you plan, implement and manage your corporate culture change initiative, and watch your profits grow.  After all, the success of your business  …. is our business.

Sustaining Workforce Engagement - Book C

Lonnie's new book arrived January 31, 2019

Sustaining Workforce Engagement: How to Ensure Your Employees Are Healthy, Happy, and Productive

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This is our approach to working with others. We are teachers/trainers/coaches/mentors/learners who engage our clients in a joint inquiry and action plan,  so our clients can not only survive but also prosper.  Here we detail not only how and what we do…but what we don’t do.  (click on “What we do….” for more details)

Lonnie Wilson has owned and operated Quality Consultants continuously since he started the firm in 1990.  Prior to his consulting, Lonnie was in refinery management for Chevron for 20 years.  (click on “Our Owner” for more details)

We are teachers/trainers/coaches and mentors whose primary product is cultural change.  This means changing the combined actions, thoughts beliefs, artifacts and language of any group of people.   Increasingly today, executives are beginning to understand that culture is the primary driving force in their business and to understand and actively manage their culture is the key strategy to success. 


However scarce few companies embark on an effort to redesign their culture.  Rather they take on activities that cause the culture to change.  And, at least today, the strongest culture changing technique is to implement lean manufacturing throughout your business.  Now be careful with that statement as when I speak of Lean manufacturing I am not talking about some of the efforts, by that name, which you are reading about in the literature.  Many people have tried, unsuccessfully to implement lean manufacturing and have morphed it into something it is not.  By lean manufacturing I mean the system we know as the Toyota Production System with its focus on creating a culture of continuous improvement and respect for people.


To that end, we have a broad range of both technical and human resource skills we can teach and mentor you into successful execution of these skills.  For more details, this hotlink will take you to many, but not all, of those skills

We can speak at your events, large and small.  And if you wish to have demonstrations or interactive workshops. 

Call us for price and availability.

Current Special Projects

We always have some “Special Projects” underway.  These projects are usually focused applications of lean manufacturing in which we have some very special and unique contributions to make to our clients.  Because we have extensive experience in these fields, this knowledge and these skills are not enjoyed by the rest of the lean consulting community.  Keep your eye on this location as they may change from time to time.

To read a summary of these books, click on Our Books.

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How to Implement Lean Manufacturing - First Edition

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing - Second Edition 

How to Implement Lean Manufacturing - Second Edition  - Chinese Version

Lean Refining - How to Improve Performance in the Oil Industry

New book arrived 

January 31, 2019!

Sustaining Workforce Engagement - Book C

Sustaining Workforce Engagement - 1st Edition

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